What Triggers a Supernova Explosion Quizlet?


Definition of Supernova Explosion

The supernova occurs generally after the explosion of the stars. When there is a change in the core or centre of the star, then a supernova takes place. Normally, there is a maximum of two ways of creating a supernova, like the first is the collision of binary stars. When two stars collide with each other, then it gives the result to a supernova.

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The other way is the explosion of the star when the star collapses under its own gravity, then it gives results for the emersion of a supernova. Most of the time, the star gets faded as it comes to the end stage of its life and after that, it becomes the white dwarf or the black dwarf.

There are only some stars, which are massive, gets collapses under their own gravity. This indicates one fact that the massive stars can only create the supernova.

Formation of Supernova

The formation of supernova can only result from the massive stars otherwise, all other small stars get faded and become white dwarf.


The creation of a supernova takes place when the star reaches its last stage of life and at that time the star remains very hot and produces a lot of energy, which creates so much pressure that it prevents the star to get contracted by gravity. But at a point in time, the star losses its fuel, and the gravity shrinks it, as it gets starting cooling.

At a point in time, the star suddenly will explode and creates a supernova. So, this is how a supernova is being created by a star. Well, our star cannot create a supernova as it has not enough mass to get collapse under its own gravity, this is possible from the giants only.

The binary stars create a supernova, as these two orbits the same path and thus they first get close by gravity and as the gravity increases, they come close and after some time, they collide.

This is how the supernova creates in different ways. That’s it!





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