Time Travel Grandfather Paradox Disproved?


Definition of Time Traveller

The Time traveller is a very interesting subject to discuss, it is one of the most confusing topics among scientists and astronomers to date and emerges with new research as the scientists are going deep. well, time travel is possible and einstein has proved it theoretically. Einstein has discovered time as the fourth dimension and generally, people think the time is a constant, but it is relative as it is relative to general.

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Through this space-time method, an individual can travel in the future and past, according to the theory of einstein. Space-time is affected by gravity only and the time travel definition says that, as the speed increases, the time gets decreases. At one time, a point arrives in space when the speed of light can be slower than a human speed and the time gets slows, hence this is known as the time dilation. It generally occurs in the black hole, wormhole and etc.

Time traveller – In-Depth

As we discussed above, time travel can be easily understood by the wormhole, which the best example for this because the wormhole is a tunnel through which if anybody will travel then the person will be popped out in the new universe and the in that process, the time travel plays a vital role.


According to general relativity, as we know, to see the future, we need to be faster than the speed of light and as we go faster, the time slows down. The same happens when you go into space, the speed gets faster and the time gets slower and according to that, your body grows. That’s why, when you will return to earth, your friends will be aged and you will still remain younger.

Now, if anybody wants to go in the past, then it is possible through general relativity, where the geometry of space-time permits the speed faster than the speed of light like the cosmic rings and the wormholes.

So, through this, general relativity makes it possible to travel backwards in the past. well, to understand this, the best example of this paradox is the grandfather paradox. In this, the scientists framed a scenario and starting thinking it practically that, a man went into his past and killed his grandfather and prevents the existence of his father and mother. This makes the scientists argued among themselves, that can this make time travel impossible?

So, the scientists discussed a lot about this situation and make a statement that, anyone can travel in the past but cannot change the past and hence this proves the time travel is possible.





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