Theory of White Hole is Myth or Disproved?


Definition of White hole

If we talk about the white holes, then a long time ago it was theorized by the astronomers that black hole and white hole exist, based on the mathematical equation concept. Now, a few years before only, astronomers found a black hole in the universe, and the white hole is still based on the mathematics concept.

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The white holes are described as, which only emit mass and take no admission of mass and not even the light also. These are said to be the reversal process of the black hole like the black hole absorbs all mass, dust, gas clouds, and everything which is near it and so opposite is the white hole, which emits everything and its event horizon doesn’t allow even light to pass into it.


Origin of White Hole

The reason behind the origin of white holes is for finding a solution to that energy-matter and light which is being sucked by the black hole. The Einstein equation was part of the solution and was first discussed by Igor Novikov in 1964.

Now, according to the astronomer’s mathematics concept, if there is a white hole, then it would be the reversal of a black hole. In this, the white hole will be emitting all energy-matter and light and makes a white chocolate fountain. As an example, if an atom of hydrogen or even light will enter the event horizon of the white hole, then it would get blast at the same time or collapses.

So, through this, we can easily analyze that at the beginning of the formation of the universe, if white were created at that time, then it would have been collapsed a very long time ago.

What More?

Well, if you are familiar with this, that the black hole starts compressing after some time. But, because of the time dilation effect in the black hole, the smallest matter also takes billions of years to come out of the black hole, and this process of emitting energy-matter called the rebound of the white hole.

The white hole doesn’t have the rotating horizon like the black hole and it has a hypothetical singularity with no mass, and rest about it, the research is still continuing.

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