When we talk about the Sun we commonly hear that the Sun is extraordinary and its a star, not a planet. But when we got to know it’s a star, we think ofently that why it is not like other stars, etc. As time passes and we grew up, we realized it is not an ordinary star; its a Dwarf Star. Now there must be some questions like how this red giant formed and how it is so centered and why it shines, and why it is so special? These questions are valid and very common to all. 


Sun’s Origin

If we talk about the Sun, this hot ball of plasma dominates the daytime sky, and to date, it is the most massive object in our solar system. As we will see further, it is not an ordinary star.

When we talk about the origin, that from where it all started, then we directly or indirectly get finish at god. The god has divided the light between day and night. He made two great lights: The more excellent light will rule in the day time and the smaller light to rule in night and stars. God set them in the expanse of heavens to give light upon the earth to lead every day and overnight time and divide between the light and darkness.

How Our Sun is Special

There are many stars in the Sun’s neighborhood, and our Sun comes in the top 10%, but, then also our Sun is ideal and unique. It is an ideal size to support life on earth. If we choose a more giant star than our Sun, it would be so huge to engulf our all inner planets, and if it is smaller, then it is too faint to provide life and support.           

Our red giant is an ideal environment. It is a single star – most stars exist in multiple star systems. But in such systems, our planets would suffer extreme temperature radiations, and our Sun’s position in the milky way galaxy is so ideal that its orbit is relatively circular.

Our Sun is a powerful object because when it openly throwes flares and every few years,, then there are more violent ejections called coronal ejections, which causes huge electric currents in the earth’s upper atmosphere and disrupts power grids and satellites.

How Sun Was Formed?

Our Sun is so centered, around which the whole world, our solar system is built. As in our human civilization, the Sun is being worshipped for the hope of our life and a source of energy. Now further we will be knowing that how our red ball ignited?

There are some processes for the formation of the Sun.



Stage 1 : 

This phenomenon held 6 billion years ago. A huge ultra cold hydrogen cloud, which contains all the remnants of dead stars from the past, that start collapsing under gravity.

This collapse may have been triggered by a nearby supernova explosion or some other event with a higher energy output.


Stage 2 :

As we see the completion of collapse, then a spherical inner one started forming, which was hotter than the rest of star. That’s why it is called protostars it is not hot enough for the hydrogen in its core to start the fusing process.

But at one point of time, thermal pressure gets generated by  gravitational collapse that will start excluding itself against gravity. Fortunately, Our Sun is massive enough for the gravitational collapse to continue.


Stage 3 : 


Then, after some time, a point will arrive when the proto Sun will cross 7 million kelvins, then hydrogen nuclei will start fusing into helium. This is the only point where protostar, become a star and thermal pressure generated by nuclear fusion, and it will effectively neutralized the gravitational pressure by reaching at hydrostatic equilibrium.

Actually this is the phase of star where it spends more than half of its life, That’s why this phase of star is very important. Since from that point of time, our Sun is fusing its hydrogen fuel into helium, at a steady-state for 4.5 billion years and now also it will processing like this in this state only for many million years to come.

So, this is how our Sun was created and formed from small ashes of precious stars.





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