Steps to remove space under keyboard while using gesture navigation on Android 10 or 9 Pie – Tested on One UI and Oxygen


If you use touch navigation on your device, you should see the output under the keyboard. After Android 9, The device with touch navigation support has arrived, but it also includes space under the keyboard. It looks terrible, and it starts to conflict with the content that comes with third-party applications.

So, today we will help you by “clearing the space under the keyboard while using touch navigation on Android 10 or 9 Pie.” With this note, let us consider the following guide.


How do I clear the space under my Android 10 keyboard?

However, Android 10 has removed the navigation bar in the Google Pixel series, so it may have to be fully loaded, but there are still problems like these appearing.


Method 1: Remove space using ADB Command

Now, This method will remove the navigation bar space under the navigation and work across the entire application. Lower the UI that gives you more screen space on your Android phone.

  1. Enable USB debugging on your Android device from developer options. To enable developer options, click on the build number on About Phone 7 times.
  2. Make sure you set up the ADB and Fastboot environment on your computer, Mac Book, or Linux machine.
  3. Now connect your Android device to the computer with a USB cable.
  4. Navigate to the location where you setup ADB. Open a command prompt or terminal window inside the ADB folder. To do so, type cmd in the address bar and hit the Enter key.
  5. Now check your device connection. Release the following command via terminal. It should start the demon and list the device. Enable mobile device connectivity when prompted.ADB devices


Enter the following command to clear the navigation bar space.

adb shell wm overscan 0,0,0, -75

Note: You can also change the final value and move up to -100 on the full screen.

adb shell wm overscan 0,0,0, -100

Note 2: On macOS and Linux OS, you can try startups like ./adb and Sudo ADB. You can play around with the final value and set it according to your needs.

Then Exit Prompt Command and bring the keyboard by typing in your messaging app and check the difference.


Method 2: Use Google Keyboard

Considering the space under the keyboard, Google has updated the Google keyboard. It completely solves this problem, so it was easy and is the best option.


How to remove Samsung Keyboard Gap Space under the keyboard

Samsung also released an update, which fixed the issue. However, You must make changes to the device settings. The latest Android 10 update with a new security level has recently been updated with the new ‘Display Keyboard Hide’ option. So on your Samsung Galaxy devices, go to Settings> Display> Navigation Bar> Change “Change Keyboard Hidden Button”.


How to remove OnePlus Keyboard Gap Space under the keyboard

Following the issue, OnePlus has also updated its latest OxygenOS update. If your device is running OxygenOS 10.3 or later, you did not experience this problem, but if you are experiencing it.

In this case, you can use Method 1 or Method 2. Besides, you can download and use the Microsoft Swift keyboard on your OnePlus device.


How do I change my keyboard from normal to swift?

First and foremost, you need to download and install Swiftkey. Follow the steps below.

  1. Change keyboard from settings.
  2. Open device settings and advance the system.
  3. There, you will find the keyboard and installation and click on Language & input.
  4. Now, Select virtual keyboard and select Manage keyboard.
  5. Click the keyboard insert and enable switching.
  6. Click OK, and That’s it.


Setting up Swiftkey

  1. Download and install SwiftKey and open the app.
  2. Once unlocked, it asks you to enable Swiftkey, and from there, select Swiftkey.
  3. After that, Change the keyboard appears to click on Swiftkey.

So, it asks you to sign in; you can skip by clicking Not Now.

That’s it; you can now use and enjoy Swiftkey.



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