Roblox: You can add Voice chat Box or Not – Complete Guide

Roblox is a popular gaming platform across the globe. The game is about designing its own by the users and the users can play a variety of different games created by the other users. As the game is very interesting and expensive as well. However, this is best for the under 13 age kids and there they can add the voice chat option. According to the sources, it is rumored that the Roblox inhibits voice chats. If you are one of them, then you are alone here. Many have listened to this rumor.

How do you add voice chat on Roblox?

Today, here we will explain the complete guide for you can add a Voice chat Box or not. Let’s see further with no delay.

You can add Voice chat Box or Not – Complete Guide

Well, the voice chat was arriving on February 2021. The information was informed in the Roblox Investor Day video streamed live on YouTube, that held on Feb 26th, 2021. The Vice President of Engineering in Roblox; Adam Miller the voice chat will arrive soon for the Roblox game and it might be safe for all and even work for all as well.

This feature might attract more engagement among the audience and might bring new audiences as well. Adam has huge planning behind adding the voice Chat in place of Text Chat. Although, Miller was going to launch this feature in the 2019 year, however; it gets delayed due to some reasons.

What’s More?

There are being many discussions going on for adding the Voice chat in regards to the kids. The kids will be affected or not by adding this feature. Although, it is safe by adding the video chat as well in the voice chat or not. After much discussion, Miller decides to release the Voice chat in the game and confirms complete security.

In addition to this, there will be more research to block inappropriate content in a live voice chat. The team will keep update us and confirmed to launch of this feature by the end of the year 2021.

Until then, you can use the redeem promo codes Roblox and enjoy the game.

This is all about for you can add a Voice chat box or not. Hopefully, you all get complete information in this guide. Here you can ask all your concerns in the comment box below. That’s it.

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