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The gravitons are discovered as the hypothetical particles in the space. In theory, Graviton particles appear when there is a collision of two black holes. In early times, it was known that the universe is made up of four forces; Electromagnetic force, Gravitational force, Weak nuclear force, and Strong nuclear force.

Well, We know that light comes in the electromagnetic force and it has a nature of the particle. But, After some experiments, we came to know that it behaves as a wave. Moreover, After many experiments we find that light behaves as both; sometimes in particle form and sometimes in a waveform.


It was concluded that light travels in dual nature and travels in discrete packets of energy. These packets are called photons, which travel like a particle but as they travel at speed of light almost, So they appear as a wave. That’s why light has a dual nature.

In this article, We will talk about gravitons in brief, which is assumed as a hypothetical particle and what research is happening to detect it. Before that, let’s talk about gravity!


Now, If we talk about gravity,  In an earlier century einstein has provided theory about gravity by explaining in distortion form of space-time. Later on, Quantum theory appears and we got to know small particles like; small force carriers(Boson particle). This creates an issue in the theory of gravity because there was a Boson particle for every force carrier;

  • Strong nuclear force – gluon
  • Weak nuclear force –  W boson, Z boson
  • Electromagnetic force – photon
  • Gravity force -?
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This creates an issue for fundamental force carrier of gravity. So, scientists have assumed a hypothetical particle; Graviton. The scientists have tried to detect these particles in many ways. Later on, they came to know that gravity can only be detected on the large scale, It cannot be detected on small scale because of its negligible effect.

Thereafter, Raymond Sawyer of the University in California, Appear with new theory regarding gravitons. Sawyer said, There is a possibility of detecting gravity particles through radio frequency observation. This can be possible by merging of the binary black hole and their collision will release large amount gravitational waves, which can create a signal in the radio frequency and we can simulate it in supercomputers.

Merging of black hole
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This is possible because gravitational waves produce a large amount of photons signal while interacting with each other. This can be observed by the radio signal station. This theory is only valid when the photon has a specific wavelength and there is an initial phase of graviton beams.

Lastly, Sawyer stated that we can detect the gravitons by placing the large radio station in free space and need supercomputers to simulate the signal of photons producing.

That’s it about gravitons theory by scientists and please comment below for any doubt regarding this article.









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