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The quantum teleportation is not transferring object but it is transferring information from one point to another without a medium. The transportation process does not involve the copy or the delete process of information. In short, you cannot copy or delete the data, so then how the process of transportation is possible?

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This article will inform you about the brief information about the processing of teleportation.


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The quantum teleportation happens through by the Qubit, as the qubit is different from the classical bit because in the classical bit there will be only one state available, either it is for 1 or 0 but in the qubit, there is the possibility of both bits in one state only. That’s why quantum computers work so much fast and the teleportation happens because of the entangled particles. These are always linked to each other in the opposite direction.

So, for the brief explanation, let’s take an example for understanding the process of teleportation.   Let’s assume, “A” person has a photon and wants to teleport it to “B” person. So the A person will take entanglement particles. These two particles will be placed separately with both. So, there are 3 photons named as 1, 2, and 3, The A person is having 1 and 2 photons and the person is having with the 3 number photon. So, according to the story now, person A will measure the combined state of the 1 and 2, which is called a bell measurement. After the bell measurement, when the A person will measure the state of the two photons then after the result the information will be transferred from photon 1 to 3 through photon 2.

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But how the person B will be notified that the information has been teleported? The A person will notify the person B this information through classic bit medium in code language so that nobody can hack the information. As already the information has been teleported through the quantum bit.

Person B will measure the state of the photon and will be known with information which is provided by person A.

This is the process of the teleportation which is invented by Bennett et al in 1993. This teleportation communication is very safe and cannot be hacked by anyone. For making this possible, we should have many entanglement particles. This discovery is still happening for making this possible in future.


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