Asus ROG 5 is one of the latest phones with 90FPS. So that, the user and players can play the game on the device smoothly. However, you need don’t need to figure out any game to play on the device. The device can run any game with the support of 90FPS.

Well, the device with 90FPS provides the user an exclusive experience of gameplay. That is one reason for purchasing gaming devices and other phones that acquire 90FPS. However, some users have faced lag issues while playing PUBG Mobile on 90FPS as well. This is very disappointing to them and an awful experience even.

What are PUBG Mobile 90FPS supported devices?


Today, we will share the complete information about how to fix PUBG Mobile 90 FPS support lags on Asus ROG phone 5? Let’s have a look over at the article for the resolution with no delay.


Does any Other Device Support 90 FPS?

Well, other than the Asus ROG phone 5, there are other devices available as well such as OnePlus 7 Pro, OnePlus 7T, OnePlus 7T Pro, OnePlus 8, OnePlus 8 Pro. Overall, OnePlus and Asus ROG devices only support 90FPS.

Why user is facing lag issues after acquiring 90FPS on the device. The user can find multiple reasons behind the lagging issue if he/she detects the issue completely. One of the primary reasons for the lagging of games is updated. When the game is not updated, then a lag issue occurs.


  • Keep the device charged over 50% to perform different troubleshooting steps.
  • There should strong network connection for smooth troubleshooting.
  • The device should have enough free space for doing any update in the game.
  • Users need to download all required files as well.
  • Ensure to keep the complete refresh rate in the smartphone.

How to Fix PUBG Mobile 90 FPS Support Lags on Asus ROG Phone 5?

Here are some steps to perform, and some files are required to download to resolve this issue. However, we will guide you completely with every step. Fixing the lag issue on Asus ROG Phone 5 takes few minutes if the user will follow the steps nicely accordingly. Here we go.

Here are the files of the game version in which the user faces a lag issue. He/She can download the file accordingly.

Apart from it, here are the file extractor and patch file as well for 90FPS support.

90 FPS Patch File Support

The file extractor has two options. Here you can go to anyone.

  • Files von Google
Files von Google
Files von Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  • Mi File Manager
Mi File Manager - free and easily
Mi File Manager - free and easily

Steps to Fix 90 FPS on Asus ROG 5 Support

What are PUBG Mobile 90FPS supported devices?

Here are some steps to perform by downloading the Zarchiever Pro and follow the steps to fix 90FPS on Asus ROG 5 Support. Here we go.

  • Go to Zarchiever Pro and Open the app.
  • Access all permission and allow read and write permission as well by navigating to AndroidData/Data/after that, enable the option.
  • Further, click on the Use this folder and select the Ok button to Allow.
  • Find, com.pubg.imobile and open the file. After that, go to the chosen file you have downloaded.
  • Next, Go to UE4Game and rename it as UE4Game1 and move it to the <internal storage>Android/Data/com.pubg.imobile (According to your game version)
  • After that, You’re done!

After performing all the steps. Next, you need to enable the 90FPS support by performing the steps given below in the guide. Here we go.

  • Download and install the patch file provided. After that, open the file and copy the game_patch file.
  • Past the file to <Internal Storage>Android/Data/com.pubg.imobile/files/ShadowTrackerExtra/Saved/peaks.
  • That’s it.

After performing the above steps, you will find the settings option after launching the game. Over there, you will see the 90FPS settings. You’re done!

If some users didn’t find the 90FPS settings in the game. Then, you can restart the game again or can again follow the above step for enabling the 90FPS settings.

What’s More?

What are PUBG Mobile 90FPS supported devices?




Well, there are some common issues from the users for 90FPS support. Do the users and players have doubt that does Asus ROG 3 supports 90FPS? Is 90FPS is enough for gaming? and Is PUBG is temporary on 90FPS?


These are some basic queries by the users and want some clarity on these points. When we arrive at Asus ROG 3 supports 90FPS. Then, you can play the game on Asus ROG 3 with  90FPS after the new update. The update enables 90FPS on playing the game. Moving on to next, for experiencing smoother gaming on the device. Then, 90FPS is the latest setting that requires more than a 60Hz refresh rate. The device with a 90Hz refresh rate with 90FPS settings in the device is ideal for gaming.

At last, Recently the Tencent games are working on the game to add 90FPS support for different countries such as the US and many more.

Here we end the article for How to Fix PUBG Mobile 90 FPS support lags on Asus ROG Phone 5. We hope, you all can perform the steps properly and fix the lag issue in your device. That’s it and thank you.

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