Oumuamua Closest Approach To Earth



The Oumuamua is the object which is known as the passenger from the interstellar space. According to scientists, this object has arrived from another solar system. The speed of the object was so fast. The object’s speed was not even getting affected by the sun’s gravity.

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This incident happened in recent year 2017. we will study more about this incident ahead, in brief!

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The scientists have discovered the object in the late year 2017. The scientists were unsure about the object and assuming it as a normal asteroid or any stellar object. When the scientists observed the object continuously up to 34 days around, they got to know that it is material from other solar systems or the interstellar space. The interstellar space is known as the space between two solar systems, containing only the stellar materials. After this discovery, The scientists detected the shape and size of the object. After all calculations, they realised that no such object is bigger than this stellar material in the solar system.

It was the biggest asteroid in the solar system, after the arrival of its time. According to the theory of the scientists, the solar system follows an eccentricity;

  • If the object moves with eccentricity zero, then the object will make a perfect circle around the sun.
  • If the object has the eccentricity less than 1, then the object will move elliptically.
  • If the object has eccentricity more than 1, then the object will move in the hyperbolic path. Means, it will not make the circle complete.
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According to this theory, the Oumuamua had a speed of more than 85km per second. The eccentricity of the asteroid was more than 1. That’s why the asteroid passed away through the earth.

This incident makes us realise that more asteroid can enter in our solar system, and we need to be ready for any such condition if it happens.



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