Nebula CuriosityStream – A Giant cloud of Dust and Gas


Definition of Nebula

As we know, the nebulae are very common in space from current updates, and in the earliest of the universe, when the universe was young and there were so much dust and gas was spread in the universe. At that time, nebulae started forming in different ways.

Image Archive: Nebulae | ESA/Hubble

The basic process for the formation of the nebula is, it is formed by the dust and gas clouds present in space and is most of the helium gas.

The nebula, at last, gives rise to a newborn star in it, and that we will discuss further how did they form. Some nebulae produce many stars as we cannot count them even.

Well, Charles Messier is the person, who discovered the nebula in 1764.

Formation of Nebula

If we talk about the formation of the nebula, then there are many ways for the formation of the nebula. The first one is through the dust and gas clouds present in the space, and some are occurring by the supernova explosion, where stars are getting bursts and give results to the nebula.


However, the gas and dust in the nebulae are spread and slowly they started to become thicker or a cluster and bigger because of the gravity.                                                                                                As the nebula gets bigger, the gravity gets stronger and at some point in time, it gets collapses under its own gravity and gives the result to a newborn star.

In the universe, the most nebulae, which are densest and coldest are formed by the supernova explosion only, which after produces massive stars in the centre. After that, in that process, the star’s radiation ionizes the surrounding gases, which is almost hydrogen. So, this hydrogen ionizes gas area is called the H II Region.

So, this is how a nebula can be formed and if anyone wishes to see any nebula directly in the night sky, then it is possible for very less nebula like; The Orion Nebula, which is visible in the Orion sword constellation.




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