How to Download Discord Nitro with Epic Games for Free – Quick Guide

Epic Games is a global platform for many games. Recently, it has launched a mega sale that provides some games for free. A few days back, it has launched Among Us and NBA 2K21 for free. Currently, Discord Nitro is for free on Epic games and we will share the downloading steps to Discord Nitro in Epic games.

Can you get discord Nitro for free?

Well, the user can download Discord Nitro from here for free. Let’s see how to download Discord Nitro with Epic Games for Free from a mega sale.

How to Download Discord Nitro with Epic Games for Free

First thing first, the Discord Nitro is an additional custom to the Discord server that brings additional features like videos, storage, animated emoji, and avatar. The Discord is a server of communication among the gamers to share the latest news and discuss how to grow the gaming community.

Note: Before proceeding further, the user must require the payment method to redeem the code.

Steps to Download Discord Nitro For Free on Epic Games Store

Here we will guide you to a step-by-step method for downloading the Discord Nitro on Epic games and this offer is for new users only. Here we go.

   Discord Nitro on Epic Games

  • Click on the above link and open the Epic Games Store.
  • After that, find Discord Nitro Mega Deal.
  • Choose Free now and select the Get option.
  • Next, click on Place Order and you’re done!
  • That’s it.

After that, Epic Games Store will send you an email for registering.

Steps To Redeem Free Discord Nitro from Epic Mega Sale

After downloading the Discord Nitro for free. Then you must have received redeem code on email via Epic Games. To redeem free Discord Nitro, follow the steps to perform.

  • Go to the mail and open it.
  • Next, find Redeem Now option in the email, and mail will direct you to the redemption page.
  • Proceed with the steps to redeem discord for free.
  • At last, confirm the option by choosing Get Nitro Monthly.
  • That’s it.

 What’s More?

Some users failed to use the free discord redeem codes. There might be many reasons behind it. However, the users can share the redeem codes with friends who are new users and can use the redeem codes for free discord nitro. Apart from this, the users who already have discord nitro can go for this membership provided by Epic games; $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

This is all about how to download Discord Nitro with Epic Games for Free. We hope you all can follow the downloading instructions and enjoy the discord Nitro while using it. Thank you.

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