How To Delete Your PUBG Mobile Account Permanently From Your Device – Quick Guide


PUBG Mobile is now available all over the world. Although, the people are mad about playing the game for the whole day tonight. Due to this, they suffer a lot of stress and mental/health issues them. After all that, they enjoy playing again and dis balancing their life by doing this. To maintain this the player needs to schedule his timing for playing the game and for work as well.

How To Delete Your PUBG Mobile Account Permanently From Your Device-Quick Guide

If the user is not able to follow the schedule after that. Then he needs to delete the PUBG mobile from the device permanently. Here we will have a look over solutions for deleting the PUBG mobile account permanently from the device and via other social platforms as well.

How to Delete Your PUBG Mobile Account Permanently From Your Device – Methods to Fix It

You can De-link your account wherever you have Signed Up. We will guide you to delete the account permanently from Google Play Games, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here you need to perform the steps to delete the accounts via several platforms;

1. Google Play Games

For deleting Google play games;

Navigate to Settings > Google > Locate the Account Services > Scroll down for Connected Apps > Find PUBG Mobile > Choose Disconnect option . 

If you follow the steps above then you can delete the PUBG Mobile account from the Google Play Games.

2. Facebook Account

To do so;

  • Go to the Facebook app and log in first.
  • After that, Locate Settings and select App and Websites.
  • Choose PUBG Mobile the Remove option to delete the account.
  • That’s it!

3. Twitter Account

You can remove the PUBG Mobile account with Twitter as;

  • Go to the Twitter app and open it.
  • navigate to Settings or account and scroll for ‘Apps and Sections’ option,
  • Stop the PUBG Mobile access and select the App to remove.
  • That’s it!

This is how you can Delete your PUBG Mobile Account permanently from your device. That’s it and Thank You!


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