How Higgs Disclose The Boson Particle


When we see the different types of the field in the universe with there electron particles, there is another particle that is invisible to anyone and is everywhere in the universe.  The field is known as the Higgs field.

There are fascinating facts in the Higgs field, and the reason behind the discovery of the Higgs field is the mass. So, we should know the definition of mass first to understand this article. Basically, it’s a measurement of body inertia. The mass is always the same everywhere, but weight differs from place to place because it contains the gravity that varies in the universe.


In this article, we will study about the Higgs field and the Higgs Boson particle in brief.


Higgs field – Everything You Need To Know!

After the discussions, we know there are many fields which occur in their respective time. However, you will be surprised to know that every matter is built through particle and these particle gain mass through the invisible field in the universe.  In 1960, the physicist derived an equation for confirming that the particle is having mass or not. After the equation derived then, the scientists put the particle’s mass as zero, and they were getting the result also regarding this. When the scientists simplify the equation by putting the mass values, then the equation was getting complex. The physicists were very confused about the particles and wanted to know where the particles got mass. The scientists derived the equation when they were informed that, photons are only the massless particles in the universe, and this equation proved the same.

Then Peter Higgs arrived and did the research in-depth.

The Higgs took a prediction of the presence of the Higgs field and Boson particle in space. There are many fields in space, not particles as informed previously. The particles emerge in it when energy is given to the respective field. According to Higgs prediction, the electric field or the quark field are also like photon particles. But, these particles get energy from the Higgs field. Not every particle interact more. The particle which interacts more will gain more mass like; quark particles, the particles which interact less will gain less mass like; electric particles.

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From this theory, The Higgs described why the photons particles are massless because they don’t interact with any field.

After this theory, no scientists were ready to accept this theory, and after so many years in 2012, the physicists have decided to experiment this theory. The physicists have a machine called large hadron collider which can detect the Higgs particles hindrance in the space, and it will give a surety of presence of Higgs field in space. This is because, As the fields are invisible, so the scientists have collided electrons and quarks particles which affects the Higgs field. This process makes a disturbance in the Higgs field to the scientists and will produce Higgs Boson particles also.


Why Boson Particle Called As The GOD Particle?

Everyone around us has a different opinion regarding the name of the GOD particle. The reason behind this is, Every particle is massless until it receives the mass from Higgs field, and if this stops suddenly, then no electron will rotate around the nucleus, and there will be no atom. This will lead to the presence of no matter in the space. That’s why this particle was named the GOD particle, and more reasons make the Higgs field unique from other fields. The magnetic field or electric field changes and has a difference in effects from place to place, but the Higgs field has the same effect everywhere.

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Normally, every particle has a spin which remains the same everywhere, But Boson particle does not have a spin for itself. These are the reasons which make the Boson particle unique from others and named as the GOD Particle.

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