Gravitational Lensing Occurs When Distorts The Fabric Of Space-Time



The gravitational lensing is discovered by Albert einstein. His theory described gravitational lensing by the gravitational force, which is acton upon the objects moving in the space-time fabric.

According to Einstein, every object moves according to the continuity of the space-time fabric. The larger one will move towards far, and the smaller ones will be attracted towards the larger objects in the space-time fabric due to the gravitational force.


So, when the light crosses from these objects, then the objects will appear to us in its apparent position. This happens due to the gravitational lensing, and this phenomenon is referred to as gravitational lensing.

Let’s study these details ahead and will get to know many facts and proofs regarding this discovery.

Point By Point

Generally, Our scientists have described so many instruments till date through which, we can see the very distant objects very clearly. But, our universe has also helped in this by the gravitational lensing process. This theory comes true when Eddington experimented this theory for the first time. As we all know, if we keep the large object in front of small, we will not be able to see the small object. According to Einstein, we can see the smaller objects at its apparent position due to the gravitational lensing.


When the Eddington tried this experiment, then it happens exactly the same as described by Einstein. As the Eddington was trying to see the sun on the solar eclipse day. When he tried to look at the sun, there was a star behind the sun, which were located beside the sun. This proved that the gravitational lensing is there in space which helps us in observing the distant objects in the space.

There are three types of gravitational lenses present in the space. These are;

  • Strong Lensing

In this, the strong lensing occurs when the source of light is very near to the light. When the source of light, gravitational lens and observer lies in a straight line, An Einstein ring is created.

  • Weak Lensing

When the lens is weak because of the object distance, then the object appears to be large than original. In this, The objects create their virtual image because of weak lensing.

  • Micro Lensing

Microlensing is totally different from strong and weak lensing. The microlensing is generally used for the stars and the Exoplanets which become dim as they come to us. Because of microlensing, they appear for a period of time. Basically, the microlensing happens to the distant stars effected by the near star gravity. Because of this, the distant star will appear for a period of time.

As we all know, In previous articles, we have studied about the dark matter. When the scientists test the gravitational lensing which was through the galaxy clusters on the object then, the scientists find that there is only 10% of the gravitational lensing by the galaxy clusters and the rest is by the invisible mass which was not able to detect from anywhere.

This was done because, there is something available in the space, which is having the mass but is not visible in the space and also does not interact with the light. That’s why this matter was named as the dark matter.



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