Eternal Inflation Theory Disproved ?



As we all know that according to the general space science the universe emerges through a big bang and everybody knows that how the big bang theory happened and every process of its expansion in the universe which we can see now in present living life but, nobody knows that why the big bang happened in the universe. Well, all this can be answered through the inflation theory in which many inflation theory occurs and we will go through the eternal theory in this article.

In this article, we are going to see how the eternal inflation theory will be responsible for the emerging of the particles in the universe that is not been answered by the many theory.



Well, if we talk about how inflation occurs, then it is due to the gravitational repulsion which is happening due to the false vacuum in the quantum field. Well, the false vacuum is present in the quantum field which tends to expand the universe always. Well, in general, if molecular particle will move until it arrives in the stable state, but the false vacuum never arrives at its stable state. So, the particles in the universe get the properties from the quantum field and the quantum field also tries to go into the stable state which is called the vacuum state but sometimes it goes into a metastable state where there is the long process of the duration of the unstable state and due to that the quantum field holds a large amount of the energy which is known as the false vacuum state.


So, there is a very strong repulsive force in the quantum field due to the more density and forced to expand the universe exponentially and the false vacuum spreads into the patches in space and the false vacuum decays slowly by creating the small bubbles in microscopic bubbles in which every bubble expands and creates a local big bang for expanding more and creates a universe in the bubble itself and so there are many bubbles like this in the universe which creates a local universe in every bubble interior and so we called it multiverse.

Imagine if anybody will see the bubble from inside then he will observe the universe expanding in every direction and if he observes the bubbles from outside then he will see the bubble as a black hole  radiating energy and when there will be a discovery of the new bubbles, there will be more possibility of expanding of the space because of the repulsive force in the bubbles. Therefore, the ratio of expanding space will be more in comparison of decaying regions. Therefore, the process of inflation never ends which is eternal in space, that’s why we call it as the eternal inflation theory.

There are many such questions which can only be answered through the eternal inflation theory like one of the question is the flatness problem of the universe; In this, the scientists were having the issue in calculating the shape of the earth and so after the calculation, through the inflation theory the outcomes occur that our universe is flat because the curvature of the universe would be so much large that now it is impossible for us to detect the shape of the universe like for example; if any human is walking on the ground then it seems to be flat everywhere he goes but as we all know that our earth is in a globe shape and it is impossible to decide the shape of earth for that point as the person is in the local area would find the area flat everywhere around him and cannot find the correct shape of the earth from there.

So, that is how the eternal inflation theory explains the concepts which are still in progress for brief understanding.


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