Dark Matter of Mystery Solved Instantly : Quick Guide


Definition of Dark Matter

As we see up in the sky, we see a lot of stars and like this, the scientists and the astronomers have also researched many things which are more than enough to digest.

But, when it comes to dark matter, they got to know that, what they have discovered up to now is almost the five percent of the universe, 95% of the universe, while we unknown by the astronomers the dark matter and dark energy.


The dark matter is around 25% and the rest 70% is dark energy. The astronomers have also tried their best to find out the dark matter, but as the dark matter does not emit light and is behind the dust, we cannot see the dark matter. No telescope can see the dark matter and then discuss how we discovered the dark matter and what evidence makes us believe in its existence.


Formation of Dark Matter

As we all know that, according to the earlier discoveries, the astronomers found that the gravity of the universe is not much strong enough to hold the stars, so that they can form galaxies and everything inside it, because the astronomers at very earlier observed through the telescope that, the stars are scattering from the galaxy and are not having gravity to make an orbit around in the galaxy arms.

So, there is something behind this that holds all this and is undetectable and invisible, called the Dark Matter. The dark energy is even more mysterious than the dark matter.

When the astronomers tried to know about the dark energy, then they find that the dark energy is energy which is stronger than any other energy in the universe, and it keeps getting stronger as it spreads in the universe.

Then after so many observations, the astronomers find the reason behind expanding the universe is the dark energy and the resistance to it is the gravity present in the universe but, the empty space in-universe is nothing, it has its own energy, called dark energy.

This energy is very active in filling the gaps in the universe, and this results in a faster expansion of the universe.



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