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Call of Duty has released another beta update for its users with recent changes, features, and optimization in-game events. However, there will be upcoming modes in the game with more UI changes, and much more. The users are eagerly waiting for the official launch of the update. Before that, COD expects feedback from the players such as; errors, bugs, etc they are facing in the game. Although, the testing mode is only recommended for skilled players. Whereas, if anyone wishes to download the beta update, then they can download it. It is only recommended for the pro players the lag, errors, and bugs they will face can handle easily whereas, it will be difficult for the normal users to handle these.

download COD beta update season 6.

So, the COD is expecting complete feedback from the users and will launch an official update for its players. Here, we will guide you completely about how to download the Call of Duty Mobile: season 6 beta update for Android and iOS devices. Let’s head over with the guide with no delay. Here we go.

How to Download The Call of Duty Mobile: Season 6 Beta Update For Android and iOS Devices

Well, stepping towards the downloading steps. The user should know the minimum requirements to download the beta update of COD season 6. Here are the minimum requirements below.

download COD beta update season 6.

Minimum Requirements

  • The first 30,000 players will be allowed to download the beta update. Overall, this beta update is not unlimited to download. It is available only for the first 30,000 users.
  • Available for both Android and Apple OS.
  • APK file size: 1.9 GB
  • Enable the option from the settings, “Unknown Source Installation”
  • There will be a strong network connection to download the beta update.
  • Users should have at least 2GB of free space for fast download.
  • Players are allowed above 16 years only.
  • The data will not be carried over to stable release.

These are the minimum requirements for downloading the beta update of Call of Duty. Now, let’s head over with the article to perform the downloading steps for Android and iOS devices.

Download the Call of Duty Mobile: Season 6 Beta Update

Currently, the beta update is available in 64-bit and 32-bit versions for Android users, and iOS users can download the APK file from the test flight. We will share the complete steps to download the update as of now there is no end date for this beta test.

For Android Devices

   Call of Duty: 32-bit

   Call of Duty: 64-bit

  • Users can download the APK files by clicking on the button accordingly to preference.
  • After that, complete the installation process and it will get stored in the download files.
  • Log in with your COD id and launch the game.
  • That’s it!

For iOS Devices

   Call of Duty: Test Flight for iOS Users

  • Click on the above button and open the Test FLight link in the safari browser.
  • After that, install the update and you will find an icon COD on your home screen.
  • Enable the option from the settings; “Trusted Certificated” and launch the game.
  • That’s it and enjoy playing the season 6 beta update.

Call Of Duty Mobile: Season 6 Beta Update

Well, there are many updates coming to the beta update of COD including the new maps, skins, weapons, user interface, customization, and much more. Let’s list all the new updates coming the season 6 of COD. Here we go.

Updates in Call of Duty Mobile Season 6

  • New operator skill – Dyneema Armour
  • New scorestreak – Swarm
  • New secondary throwable – shield Grenade
  • New red perk – Martyrdom
  • New multiplayer modes in COD: Mobile
  • New multiplayer maps
  • New BR mode – Solid Gold
  • New mode – Competitive Search and Destroy.
  • New HUD options

Apart from this, the mobile users with a 120 Hz refresh rate will enjoy the advanced features of the update. As they can enjoy and switch on the advanced settings and set the frame rates up to 120FPS. Playing with 120FPS is a seamless experience for the players that are taking real advantage of technology and game simultaneously.

The first teaser has been shared by Activision that mentioned zombies in Call of Duty Mobile. Additionally, there will be a zombie map Die Maschine in the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. However, the developers have stated in Reddit that the zombie’s return is soon in the update.

This is all about the Call of Duty Mobile: Season 6 beta update and the downloading steps for both Android and iOS devices. We hope you all can perform the steps correctly and for any query; you can drop a comment in the box below. We would be happy to help you at our earliest. That’s it and thank you.

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