Battlegrounds Mobile India: India Version of PUBG Mobile will Get Banned Before Launch? – Everything You Need to Know!!!

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Battlegroundsmobile India may not hit the Indian market. It seems difficult for them, as the Former Union Minister and MLA of Arunachal Pradesh; Ninong Ering served a letter for banning the Indian Version of PUBG Mobile that may distract the youths and may breach the Indian citizen’s data as well. However, he officially states that Krafton has Indian employees from Tencent that hold $22.4 million of investment in the Nodwin for security reasons.  The Ninong Ering requests the Prime Minister of India for banning the Battlegrounds Mobile India via letter and shared the statements in a tweet. You can see below.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: India Version of PUBG Mobile will Get Banned Before Launch?

Besides, Another Member of Parliament, Abhishek Singhvi aiming Battlegroundsmobile India as the re-enter of the PUBG Mobile in India. In addition, with the launch of this Indian version of the PUBG Mobile release, the users were some basic questions asking from that day to confirm the release of Battlegroundsmobile India. The questions are like; the game is built by Krafton only or not? Is there is any hand or contribution from Tencent in building the game? Is Nodwin will really running the game’s server in India? Is Tencent is the second-largest investor in-game and still making for Chinese markets? These types of questions were raised by the users for confirming the launch of battlegrounds mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Needs Approval From GOI to Launch the Game?

According to the rules and agreements for blocking any gap is after launching of it. However, the IT department has the right to block particular apps that do not follow the local rules and regulations. Till date, India has not its owing rating boards for gaming, and if they did that then; it would not be allowing those two ministries for taking any decision.

Though, Google and Apple have the right for approving the apps. Moreover, it is following the international rating boards and the best practices for the country as well. Google and Apple have not replied to this yet.

According to the sources; There would be no problem in launching Battlegrounds Mobile India if it follows all the rules and regulations including all policies and privacy agreements of the country. The users who are having a thought that, If India Version of PUBG Mobile will get banned before launching then; it would not.

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