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In this world, we all know that without time travel, we cannot go into the paradox. When we think to go from present to past, then so many paradox generates in between to intervene us; basically, without time travel, the paradox cannot be generated. In this session, we are going to discuss the Bootstrap paradox, which is generally shown in science fiction movies, and in short, the Bootstrap paradox creates a loop that cannot be defined through one point.

As we all know, time is linear and travels only in one direction. Time is considered as the fourth dimension of the general reality, which we use to find the event happening in three-dimensional space around us.

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In general, time is the progress of things or events happenings from past to present and present to the future, in which the present is influenced by the past, and the future is influenced by the present. Now, what if the future is influenced by the past and the same with the present and past, but if this loop happens, then it will create an impact on the progression of the time period, also that is the future.

This is called the bootstrap, where a loop created by us where we cannot find a starting point of the event. Let’s understand this by an example ahead.



Let us understand the bootstrap paradox by an example. Let us assume that you have a great interest in physics, and you have studied all the general relativity topics written by Einstein. Still, you have some doubts and not able to clear them as you then keep that book aside and continue your journey in studying other topics of physics, and after a period of time, you are a great scientist and also created a time machine.


Then suddenly you thought that now is the chance to meet Einstein by travelling into the past through time travel, then you have taken that book also so that you cannot miss any doubt when clearing with Einstein. When you reach in the past, you meet Einstein and ask him to clear your doubt of general relativity written by him, but you came to know that at that time the Einstein was not familiar with the topic, and he had a dream to start his own restaurant.

So, you came back sadly, and later on, you get a reminder that you forgot the book of general relativity there in the past with Einstein. Einstein took advantage of the book by reading it, and he published the book on the name of Albert Einstein.

So, here the bootstrap paradox took place, that here we know that every happening was real, but we cannot find the origin of the loop of happening. As the boy has studied the book and later he took the book to meet Einstein but the boy was shocked and sad after the conversation with Einstein and forgot the book there in the past with Einstein and Einstein has published that written book on the name himself, so here we cannot say who has written the book. This loop is known as the bootstrap loop.

I hope through this event example, you have understood the bootstrap paradox where no one can find the origin of happening, but the happening is there in the loop. In short, the bootstrap paradox says that if you are travelling into the past to change it, then you cannot do so, as, in any way, it creates a situation or loop where you will find the same result as before it was.

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