A Wormhole is Not a Naturally Occurring Phenomenon


Definition of Wormhole

As we know, the wormhole is the solution to the Einstien general relativity equation and is also based on the mathematics concept. It is a tunnel, which leads from one universe to another universe, which is known as the shortcut of billion kilometres into some meters.

Basically, it connects two points in space-time. It is said to be a tool of experiencing time travel, through which we can go in the past. But, the question was there in the astronomer’s mind that can this be possible with the wormhole.

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This was a solution of general relativity, but the astronomers do not find any evidence of its existence, it is only based on visualization.

Formation of Wormhole

The wormhole was discovered in 1916 by Ludwig Flamm. It was referred to as, the passing of energy-matter in a black hole through the event horizon from the exterior region to the separate region of the wormhole, which will emit the energy-matter through it.


So, for satisfying this situation, we will discuss the above statement in brief.

There will be some energy-matter, which will be pulling towards the event horizon in the interior region of the black hole and will be coming out from the other interior region of the wormhole. So, these were the two different interior regions of the wormhole and there are also two different exterior regions, which leads to two different universes.

So, these two different exterior regions can be either one to absorb the energy-matter and for rising up the same through another region. The particles can fall from either side in the wormhole and can rise up to the other side in a different universe.

So, this is the description and formation of a wormhole where all four regions are in space-time.

What More?

Well, as we discussed before something about the wormhole, is it possible for the wormhole to work as a time traveller? So, the answer is No, because, for the time-travelling, everything should be stable so that, we can go in the past then.

But, it is not possible, because our wormhole is unstable and it is having a negative energy density which doesn’t allow the material to be stabilized for much time.




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