A Black Hole In Space


Definition and Facts

Usually, we know that the black hole is being a very interesting topic up to far and will be an interesting topic for many new more facts about it.

The black hole is a kind of horizon that inhibits so much of mass, it is having so much of gravity pull that even light cannot exit out of the black hole, hence called Black Hole.

From the Grapevine

Normally when the astronomers started the researches about it, and they got to know that we cannot see the black hole directly. To see it, we need to use the telescope because of the gravity pull of the black hole, that doesn’t allow the light to come out.

If you will observe the star near the black hole then you might be experiencing the power of gravity of the black hole by seeing that it will quickly pull the star around it and like that many stellar black holes forms.

How Do Black Hole Forms

Normally, a black hole is formed by a minimum of three stars which are having mass more than the sun.  There are usually stellar and supermassive black holes.

The stellar black holes started forming form the earliest only, when the universe was started to begin, at that time smallest black holes start forming.

Al Mugtama Magazine

Currently, there are many supermassive black holes, one is in our Milkyway galaxy, situated in the centre, called Sagittarius – A supermassive black hole. A supermassive black hole is a formation of many stellar black holes and there are many ways for forming of the black hole.

sometimes, it is formed by the dark matter in the universe and sometimes it is formed by the gas clouds present in the universe, so like these there many much more ways for the formation of black holes.

Generally,  if we discuss the layers of the black hole, then it is having three layers; inner horizon, outer horizon and singularity. The outer layer is we can say the circumference of black hole through which the mass crosses the horizon, there the gravity plays so strong, that once it crosses horizon then there is no back out. The inner horizon is the hub of region of mass, where the region is only is known as Singularity.

Normally, all the supermassive black holes are situated in the centre of the galaxies and the formation of the stellar black holes is very common in the universe.

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